Improving Financial Literacy for the Next Generation Starts Now

Across the country, too many kids are growing up with no idea how to manage their money. They don’t know when to spend and when to save. They don’t understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. They don’t know how to make their dollars last for the long haul. Kids don’t learn these lessons in school, but without them, they will suffer the rest of their lives — and so will their families and their communities.

That’s why we launched The Smarter Tomorrow Foundation, to expand financial literacy across the nation because the future of our kids—and the communities, cities and country they will lead one day — depends on it.

Founded by Florida-based financial advisor Jason Chepenik, The Smarter Tomorrow Foundation is on a mission to give every kid from every community a fair shot at a strong financial future. By spearheading initiatives that promote financial education for the next generation, such as educational workshops or seminars about financial literacy services, The Smarter Tomorrow Foundation empowers kids everywhere to take charge of their finances and their life.